Quick Spin with Luke Warren

Luke Warren is a uniquely creative DJ, one who thrives in transcending genres and taking the listener deep into twisted territories. His FRISKY show Flux continually pushes boundaries with tracks …
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A Day in the Life of Ryan Sullivan

TLDR: Ryan Sullivan gives us a glimpse of his life in Muizenberg, South Africa

Ryan Sullivan has been producing and playing thoughtful, creative, and top quality …
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Kalender für 2015

Golden Hour - 20140812_1024In zwei Monaten und vier Tagen ist Weihnachten. Und dann ist das Jahr schon bald wieder vorbei. In allerkürzester Zeit brauchen wir ihn also: den Kalender für 2015. :-)

Wir haben für unseren diesjährigen “Westwind”-Kalender so viel positive Rückmeldungen bekommen, dass wir uns überlegen, im kommenden Jahr wieder einen Kalender anzubieten, auch diesmal mit schönen Fotos von Sven und Karan und natürlich mit dazu passenden Zitaten aus unseren Songs.

Wie sieht’s aus: wollt Ihr ihn?

Dann gebt doch bitte Bescheid, hier (oder auf Facebook) per Kommentar.

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Out now: Ryan Sullivan – Far From Here

Aaaaaand we have another smasher out this week!


L2 Music’s 003 EP “Far From Here” offers a powerful pair of tracks by talented South African producer Ryan Sullivan. The title track features well-rounded layers of sound that cover multiple levels of space, creating a full yet intricate soundscape that is finely pieced together. The elements of tech give a bit of edge to the seamlessly flowing rhythm, creating a finished, balanced result. “Open Your Mind” is another balanced and beautifully produced track that begins with a dark intro, taking you under from the very start. Deep and funky highlights are added slowly, pulling the track up from the depths and into a rolling groove. Its easy flowing energy evolves softly, taking the listener on an all encompassing journey that combines light and dark into one.

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Everything Is Forever Remixes: OUT TODAY!


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Downbeat One – All I Have Is Time by DEFDISCO


Rich Curtis provides an in-depth review of Muir & Digweed’s “The Traveler”

TLDR: Rich Curtis takes us through the cinematic journey of The Traveler.

Dance music and film have become intrinsically intertwined in recent years with film and television studios leaning on …
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