Julian Assange Speaks in Nantucket — as a Hologram

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A ghostly Julian Assange appeared by hologram at the Nantucket Project on Sunday, beamed in from the Ecuadorian embassy where he has stayed under political asylum since 2012 (though he says he will soon leave).

Interviewed by the filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, Assange discussed digital analogues to the shops and services in the old town square: banks, stores, post offices and libraries.

“I am in some ways,” he said, “just a simple librarian who’s very good at saying no.”

However, as his self-appointed WikiLeaks title of editor in chief suggests, he’s also a publisher. And from inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London, he’s found it very hard to carry out that role. “I can’t physically meet sources,” he said, noting that this makes for a particular challenge when dealing with others who are also confined in some way, like Ai Weiwei, who cannot leave China.

Labels that Assange will not accept…

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Falcons hunting Crows

… out of the perspective of the Falcons. Yes, really.

WARNING: If you love Crows a lot, you may not watch this.

I do love them, but I’m fine with it since this is nature and natural behavior. Falcons hunt Crows all the time. I understand, though, if you find that disturbing. Then again, remember … Crows also attack other animals (mammals) and kill them. Circle of life.

FRISKY Nightlife: Avalon Hollywood & the Los Angeles scene with Riley Warren

TLDR: Riley Warren talks about her residency with Reset LA at Avalon Hollywood & what it’s like being in a DJ in Los Angeles.

Riley Warren is girl with many …
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Red Bull Recommends …

Thank you, Red Bull Philippines!

Quick Spin with Coskun Simsek

This week we take a Quick Spin with Coskun Simsek, the dynamic host of Labyrinth whose wonderful deep progressive mixes are always full of beautiful selections, driving flows, and creative …
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This is Space Ibiza: 25 Years of Perfection (Documentary)

My favorite club since, and for ever (most probably). Congrats!

P.S.: But what the fuck happened with Darren Hughes? :-P

Apple iPhone 6 & iOS 8 Fails: A Chronology

  1. U2 album stunt becomes a cake flying back into U2’s and Apple’s faces.
  2. iPhone 6 Plus — a $1000 device — bends (too) easily.
  3. iOS 8.0.1 update gets pulled back after release because of serious bugs.

To be expected next: free iPhone 6 Plus case that protects the phone from bending, or a new built of the device with another material than aluminium (or another aluminium).

This post gets updated whenever new things happen. Shouldn’t take long.

(Not mentioned here: #AntennaGate and #MapsGate of previous i-devives and OS’s)