Quick Spin with LoQuai

LoQuai has been a name well known in the progressive scene for many years, his productions and remixes on labels such as Mystique Music, Baroque, and Bonzai Progressive are consistently …
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Promoters: How it’s not being done

Annoyed-PicardI had a flight from Malaysia to Manila on Friday that I chose to be just in time to arrive at the airport, get picked up by the Missus and drive directly to my gig at The Electronica Festival. Everything was okay, although my flight had a delay of 45 minutes. Arriving there (the way to the venue already told lots about the venue itself) we immediately recognized that there weren’t a lot of people. No one was able to introduce me to anyone who was responsible for artists, I had to walk around for 20 minutes to find a DJ mate who was actually as lost as myself. We somehow got it managed to find our stage. Then there were no drinks for us, we were supposed to manage everything ourselves, including carrying cups of drinks from one bar 300 meters away from our stage, to have something to drink whilst performing. No one assisted us or gave us any comfort. In “exchange” I received like 400 texts from random (and unknown to me) people, “reminding” me of my performance on stage at 4AM. Actually, I started playing at 3.45AM already, but, of course, no one took notice of that, apart from some fans and fellow artists (thank you Emel and David) who enjoyed the set.

For some reason I started to feel really terrible like 1 hour into my set. Luckily the bathrooms were just behind the stage, so I went vomiting 2 times, but didn’t interrupt my set and tried to be as professional as I could. I think no one even noticed that I felt like shit. After my set, I randomly asked about who’s gonna pay out the talent fee, but no one was able to give a straight answer. To make a long story short: in the end I had to chase down responsible people for like half an hour and become VERY energetic, insisting on paying me my fee in full after a given performance. They tried to tell me that all would be paid out on Monday, but I stated that this is zero acceptable and not gonna happen, otherwise … you know what I mean. I can get very angry, and yes: intimidating, when I feel that someone tries to bullshit me.

After all, I can only hope my artist mates got/get a hold of their money and nothing more catastrophic happened. I texted one of the responsible persons afterwards to never contact or ask me again. I don’t want to work with totally unprofessional people. Go learn the business first, then organize events.

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Apsara explores new dimensions of music on After Dark

TLDR: Apsara begins a new era with the launch of After Dark on FRISKY

Apsara has captured the attention of audiences and listeners around the world …
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Expert Tips on Writing a Quality DJ Bio

Need to write a DJ Bio? Use these tips to do it right!

FRISKY sees a lot of DJ Bios & we think this …
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Quick Spin XL with Ingo Vogelmann

Ingo Vogelmann goes above and beyond, maintaining a busy DJ schedule alongside running a mastering studio, heading a record label, producing music, and hosting 3 FRISKY shows. So why wouldn’t …
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FRISKY Pets: Apsara’s Apollo

Meet Apollo: Apsara’s beautiful kitty, who has traveled all the way from San Francisco to Jakarta!

Name: Apollo Gender: Male Birthday: September 8, 2008 First time we met each other:
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FRISKY Nightlife: Private Monkey creates epic nights in Germany’s best Underground clubs

TLDR: Private Monkey’s invite only, donation based events find success in both Düsseldorf & Neuss locations.

Private Monkey events are special occasions, created from the start …
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