FRISKY Loves Latvia – July 26 2014

FRISKY Loves Latvia
Premiere: Saturday July 26th @ 8AM EST / 3PM Latvia [convert timezone]

Taking a musical journey to the Baltic states, FRISKY will be transmitting the sounds of Latvia in the newest episode of the popular FRISKY Loves series. Considered part of both Northern and Eastern Europe, Latvia offers a diverse collection of music, especially when it comes to the electronic side. Making an impact in the industry since the 80’s, Latvia is the home one of the premiere electronic music groups Zodiac, and USSR’s first vinyl DJ Janis Krauklis. Continuing from their early roots, FRISKY Loves Latvia will be showcasing some of the country’s current most influential DJs and producers. Representing the Latvian scene from various angles are many talented artists including Bogdan Taran, Ed De Dano, Electricano, and Kaspar Kondrat. Visit the FRISKY Loves Latvia page to see the complete lineup of DJs who will be bringing you a full day of tunes straight from the heart of their country, and tune in on Saturday July 26th beginning at 8AM EST [convert timezone] to join the newest era of Latvian electronic music.


Infinite Music
Hosted by WindWill
Premiere July 27 2014 @ 8AM EST [convert timezone]

WindWill’s relationship with electronic music can be heard in his beautiful blends of ambient and chillout woven together throughout his sets. Peaceful and thoughtful, his DJ mixes are complete with pure and soul soothing vibes. His influences from New Age music and the sounds of Cafe Del Mar, as well as a wide variety of various genres, create something special when combined. They become epic journeys that take the listener to a new place with each track, all while connecting seamlessly from start to finish. WindWill’s new show on FRISKY CHILL “Infinite Music”, will be the perfect avenue for these journeys, a space where he can achieve his goals of connecting to the listener through his heart. Tune into the premiere on July 27th at 8AM EST [convert timezone] and listen to his Chillout Sundays mix to get to know WindWill.

A guitar play that haunts me for almost 30 years

There is no one, has never been and most likely will never be a guitarist (and composer) like Mark Knopfler. He has influenced me like no other, I’d say, although I’m not exactly a guitarist.

Below is the most sensitive and emotional guitar solo I have heard in my life, which really starts at 4.18, that’s why the video directly starts at this mark. Feel free to listen to the entire brilliant song, of course.

And notice the quality of the recording (even if it’s only a YouTube video!). This was recorded 30 years ago, in 1984. Stunning! I bow to Bob Ludwig.