l2music_blueTired of “Café Del Mar Vol. 1729″ or “Buddha Bar Your Mother”? What about some real deep and innovative Ambient, Psychill and Electronica from your label of trust (that would be us)? We think that’s a great idea, and that’s why we plan to release amazing compilations under the label’s new “Blue” flag.

We’d love you, the advanced producer, to send us your demos! As soon as we collected enough ass-kicking material we’re going to release the first one.

Also, “Blue” will be our new general color for all releases in that genre, meaning: we’ll release EP’s, singles, albums and whatnot under this. Again: send us your stuff!

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from L2MSC

1 Year In The Philippines

Exactly one year ago I left Germany, to live in the Philippines. I left everything and a lot of people behind, not in my heart, but physically. Some of those might wonder why I just left without a personal good-bye or explanation, some might be hurt or even pissed off.

I’m sorry that I made them feel this way, but I don’t regret anything, too. I needed to have it this way, unbiased and without the drama of a good-bye. It would have torn my own heart apart, I wasn’t able to do this. I still haven’t talked to some people, because I still wouldn’t know what to say, other than: it had to happen, I needed to get the fuck out of this, I was terribly fed up and there was nothing more to do for me. A very egoistic thing. The only thing I could’ve done better is leaving earlier, from my point of view.

I miss some people very much, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about those close to my heart. I just couldn’t live in this environment anymore, and I had other and new things to do.

I hope you will understand me one day. We all have to find our happiness. This is a very personal matter, and no one can decide for us, nor is it anyone’s right to judge.