Music for the history books

I will never get over the fact that they’ve quit: VIBRASPHERE. I’m sure people will listen to this in 400 years, and it will still sound fresh and new:


We are very sorry to inform you that we have decided to close down the Vibrasphere project. This is due to several reasons, but mainly we feel it is time to move on to other projects within the music. After all 12 years is a very long time for any music project. We are very grateful to all the fans, promoters, labels, djs and other people that has supported us in the past 12 years. We have many great memories from these years and sincerely hope that at least some of you will remember our music also in the years to come.

Guys, if you happen to read this post … please, come back. You’re leaving a big emptiness where you’ve once filled it up with wonderful inspiring music.

Samstag, 4. Oktober 2014 – live in Bensheim: Release Konzert!

Pipapo Kellertheater
Am Wambolterhof 6
64625 Bensheim

Lang erwartet, heiß ersehnt, bald in Bensheim: das ultimative Westwind Release Konzert! Mit den besten Songs aus jüngstem Album – sowie einstigen und künftigen Juwelen aus dem Repertoire. Und wer weiß, was noch kommt! Ihr hoffentlich! Wer eine Westwind-CD kauft, hat freien Eintritt! Wer keine kauft, muss Ticket zahlen! Tickets nur an der Abendkasse! Küsschen nur im Anschluss! Dazwischen rocken wir das Häuschen – schaukeln wir the building – moven dir die mind! In unserer Lieblingsmuttersprech, mit unsere Lieblingsrhythmusrums, auf unsere Lieblingsinstruments – mit deine Lieblingsmelodei! Kommt zuhauf’ und schaut vorbei!

from Singvøgel